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The Englewood Quality of Life Plan

On April 30, 2015 Teamwork Englewood held the inaugural celebration of "10th Anniversary of The Englewood: Making a Difference Quality-of-Life Plan" to recognize great contributions made by so many of Englewood residents, leaders and organizations. This video highlights the notable accomplishments that many residents, leaders, organizations and businesses have achieved in the last ten years.


In January 2016 the community reconvened to begin the work of drafting an updated community-driven Quality-of-Life Plan. Five task forces met to address the issue areas deemed most important to the community. Each task force developed visions, goals and strategies to restore Englewood as one of Chicago’s leading communities.

The five Taskforces began a mission to achieved goals intended to improve the community. Below are brief summaries of the goals of each Taskforce.


We will focus on efforts that increase reading scores, enhance program effectiveness and prioritize mentorship.As a result of these efforts, every youth will have access to a mentor, our students will read at grade level by 3rd grade and more youth will graduate from high school.


Establish a health navigation team to connect residents to health resources. Provide a platform for knowledge sharing around mental health and active management of specific health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes prevalent in the community. As a result of these efforts, we will decrease health disparities of Englewood residents.


Through a housing resource center, compile housing information to provide to the community including potential buyers, renters and existing homeowners to positively impact neighborhood stability. As a result of these efforts, we will increase home ownership and reactive vacant land and buildings in our community.


Develop a targeted strategy that strengthens existing businesses and attracts new businesses to key commercial corridors and nodes. Identify job training and employment programs that are models in the community that can be scaled or replicated. As a result of these efforts, we will increase business investment across our community and increase the number of residents with access to living wage jobs or career pathway opportunities.


Establish a network of residents and organizations working to improve safety. Reduce youth arrests by promoting after school programs and centers for youth starting at the end of the school day to 6:30pm for all school age children. Create counseling programs, anger management and substance abuse counseling for 18-34 year old residents. As a result of these efforts, we will reduce the number of youth arrests and increase participation in positive programming and initiatives.

Click the link below to view the full plan.


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